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prof. dr. Darko Makovec
Telefon: (01) 477 35 79 



Bernarda An┼żelak
Telefon: (01) 477 33 23



The activities of the department are at the core of materials science, i.e., the synthesis of new materials. The research carried out at the Department for the Synthesis of Materials is focused on the development of advanced oxide materials that exhibit functional electromagnetic properties. The goal of the research is to acquire knowledge about the chemistry of materials, which enables the design of materials exhibiting the desired properties. The acquired knowledge about the controlled synthesis of basic materials is upgraded with the knowledge about tuning their physico-chemical properties for the synthesis of composite and/or multifunctional materials.  At the department we are researching materials that find applications in technics, electronics, telecommunications, optics, medicine, and ecology.


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IJS - Odsek za sintezo materialov