JSI - Synthesis of Materials K8

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Head of Department 

Prof. Dr. Darko Makovec
Telephone: +386 1 477 35 79




Bernarda An┼żelak
Telephone: +386 1 477 33 23

Magnetic materials


One of the major research topics of the Department for Materials Synthesis is the study of the synthesis of magnetic, mostly oxide, materials.


According to their crystalline structure, these materials are classified as spinel ferrites, hexagonal ferrites and magnetic perovskites.


According to their structure these materials are classified as:


       1.    Materials for which the properties are governed by incorporated magnetic nanoparticles



         2.   Magnetic materials for high-frequency applications


Electrophoretic deposition of magnetically oriented hexaferrite layers (left) that can be used as an electromagnetic radiation absorber (middle) or circulator (right)

JSI - Synthesis of Materials K8