JSI - Synthesis of Materials K8

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Magnetic photocatalysts


Magnetic photocatalysts are materials in which the magnetic properties of iron oxide maghemite nanoparticles are combined with the photocatalytic properties of anatase titanium oxide nanoparticles. Essentially, they are nanocomposite particles composed of agglomerates of superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated by a nanocrystalline layer of anatase. Such particles can also be prepared by electrostatically binding maghemite nanoparticles with previously synthesized anatase nanoparticles. Magnetic photocatalysts are intended to be used in the purification of polluted waters. During the purification they are dispersed in water but after the purification process they are magnetically separated



A decrease of the total organic carbon (TOC) with time in water polluted with a model pollutant methanoic acid due to its photocatalytic degradation in the presence of anatase nanoparticles T, nanoparticles T bonded to the agglomerates of maghemite nanoparticles (magnetic photocatalysts NC) and commercial photocatalyst Degussa P25 nanoparticles.

JSI - Synthesis of Materials K8